Welcoming Amichaim Abramson!

Sep. 5, 2018

Natascha Guerrero

Welcome aboard Ami Abramson!

Our CEO, Dara Klarfeld has just announced the appointment of Amichaim Abramson as Chief Strategy Officer, beginning today September 5th 2018.

Ami will collaborate with the DRG team to continue providing outstanding executive search services to our clients throughout the nonprofit sector. He will also work closely with Dara Klarfeld, our CEO, and David Edell, our Founder and President, to build upon DRG’s experience in talent recruitment in order to diversify the products and services we offer our clients.

Over the past 20 years, Ami has built a successful career in finance working on reorganizations, M&A, public and private equity raises and investing in companies across multiple industries. He comes to DRG with extensive experience in operations, finance and business development. In his most recent work, Ami was at Ride Entertainment where he served as Chief Financial Officer and as the SVP of Strategic Initiatives for the last 7 years.