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We believe thoughtfully-designed organizations — those that align mission, strategy, structure, culture, and talent — have the greatest impact on the people and causes they serve.

We also know when nonprofits build strong, productive, accountable organizations, they attract and retain talented people who can sustain those organizations and help them create even more measurable change.

DRG helps you assess your current structure to uncover strengths and opportunities for growth. We provide actionable insights you can apply right away to begin transforming your organization and maximize your impact.

Organizational Design & Alignment

DRG helps nonprofit organizations assess their current structure and identify strengths, pain points, and key challenges—all in service of increasing alignment between strategy, structure, and culture. We work with you to visualize both what is and what could be, and help you create an action plan for creating meaningful change.

People are an organization’s most vital asset. Talent audits help ensure you have the team you need to advance your strategy, uncovering opportunities to recruit, reposition, and develop both the talent you have and the talent you need. We work with you to assess and address both your talent needs and the needs of your talent.

We understand the importance of getting compensation right, and how valuable a thoughtful compensation strategy can be to your organization. DRG can work with you to understand current perceptions around compensation and compensation strategy, conduct a compensation analysis, assist you in developing a compensation strategy, and create an action plan for communicating, evaluating, and updating that strategy over time.

Transition Planning and Talent Integration

Every leader will eventually move on from their current position. Planning for such transitions—both expected and unexpected—is both a challenge an opportunity for every nonprofit. DRG can help your organization identify and prioritize succession-planning opportunities; craft or refine a succession plan for a particular position or set of positions; or build the skills of boards, board members, and staff teams interested in strengthening their organization’s approach to succession planning and leadership development.

Hiring the best people isn’t enough—thoughtful transition planning, onboarding, and integrating into the organization’s work and culture is critical to both individual and organizational success. Whether recruiting candidates for a new position or filling an opening created by a recent departure, DRG helps you create thoughtful, comprehensive approach to onboarding and integrating new team members.

Culture and Engagement

Culture encompasses the beliefs, values, behaviors, approaches, and shared assumptions that shape what gets done, how, and by whom with an organization. Culture is dynamic and can change over time—which is one reason organizations need a thoughtful approach to understanding and shaping it.

DRG can help you assess your current culture and its impact on your organization’s ability to advance its mission, identify the gap between where you are today and where you want to be, assess readiness for change, and engage employees from throughout the organization in envisioning, planning and advancing positive transformation.

Individual and Team Effectiveness

A 360° assessment gathers feedback from supervisors, direct reports, peers, and other internal and external colleagues and partners to provide actionable insights for professional development. While the individual receiving this comprehensive feedback may benefit most from such a process, there are also significant benefits to those providing feedback and to the organization as a whole.

DRG customizes the 360 process to the organization and to the team members receiving feedback. We work closely with you before, during, and after the assessment process to ensure a tailored, positive, and productive process for all involved.

An individual who is new to their role, or new to management, may benefit from both general and targeted professional development opportunities. DRG provides focused professional development workshops as well as a topic-specific follow-up coaching

DRG can help your team assess current strengths and challenges and take steps to become a high-performing team. Team assessments can focus on the individuals within a team—their styles, behaviors, and contributions toward team culture—the dynamic within the team, or a combination of the two.  Follow-up can include debrief sessions and action planning, one or a series of sessions focused on team building and strengthening, individual or group coaching, or targeted professional development opportunities.

DRG can work with boards to assess their strengths and identify new opportunities for growth. Like any group of leaders, your board of directors works best when it functions as a team. We work in partnership with you to identify opportunities for board development and create an action plan to pursue those goals.

DRG provides executive coaching for newly placed executives and organizational leaders, board leadership, new or transitioning managers, and anyone looking to develop their skills as they proceed through their professional journey.

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