Identifying your specific goals and challenges.

A top priority for your DRG Search team during the Discovery phase is to help you clarify and develop consensus about your goals and expectations for the new executive. Our skilled Search Consultants will facilitate a series of in-depth conversations with key organizational leadership, stakeholders and staff in order to help the search committee prioritize, sharpen, and clarify those goals.

Throughout the Discovery process, your search team is also collecting information about the culture and ethos of your organization, as well as getting to know the team who will work with and support your new executive. All of this data will help your search team to carefully craft a Job Description and to build a narrative about the organization and the opportunity for impact which we will use when we reach out to qualified candidates.


Creating the Pool

Finding diverse, talented candidates.

With the approved job description, DRG will work to develop a recruitment strategy. For each of our clients, DRG carefully develops a unique search strategy, that considers how to publicize the position and develop fresh research specific to your organization, opportunity and position.  DRG Search uses its newly updated database of more than 40,000 unique entries to provide a foundation for outreach.

We use creative digital media strategies to tell a story about your organization and the opportunity. We craft carefully targeted email marketing and digital advertising posts. During this phase, we also harness the power of our well-developed professional and social networks to contact senior executives and leadership in both the nonprofit and business sectors for their thoughts and recommendations.


Candidate Assessment

Refining your search.

Once we identify and recruit qualified candidates, they are skillfully evaluated by DRG Search through a combination of screenings, in-person/video interviews and on-line assessments.

DRG will present a pool of candidates to you after they have been through our evaluation process, and can demonstrate that they fulfill the expectations and requirements established during the Discovery phase.

During this phase, we also work closely with candidates to make sure that they maintain interest in pursuing the role and that they are aligned with your organization’s missions and goals.



Selecting your candidate.

DRG develops an interview process which will help you get to know your candidate’s skills, experiences, passions and overall personality. DRG helps you develop specific interview frameworks and procedures for your committee, as well as assessment rubrics and detailed interview questions to help you build confidence as you interview candidates and narrow the field.

In addition, DRG will conduct in-depth reference and internet footprint reports as well as leadership assessment testing when appropriate.

DRG works closely with your organization to review and assess all the data and help you build consensus as you choose your finalist candidates.


Search Conclusion

Feeling confident with your decision.

Throughout the search process, your search team stays in close communication with all the candidates. Once a final candidate is selected, we already have a sense of how to help you develop an offer that is relevant to the organization’s guidelines while addressing the candidates needs and concerns. Throughout this phase, we use our expertise to help our clients develop strategies and creative solutions for reaching a mutually agreed upon set of terms in a thoughtful and respectful way.



Ensuring a smooth transition for your organization.

Once the new hire has been made official, DRG Search will be in contact with clients as well as the placed candidate during the first year to ensure a successful transition. We are available to consult with our clients to develop a thoughtful onboarding process. For Executive Director and CEO/President level searches, DRG Search offers Executive Coaching as part of our client services.

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