Meet Our Team

Amichaim Abramson Chief Strategy Officer
Rachel Carter Associate
Lori Clement Talent Consultant
Yasmine Coccoli Talent Consultant
Shaquile Coonce Talent Consultant
Evangeline Dunphy Director of Research & Outreach
David Edell President
Eboni Gates Search Specialist
Heather Gowdy Chief of Talent Services
Jessica Hammerman Talent Consultant
Laura Hansen Senior Search Consultant
Sarah Jones Associate
Maya Jordan Executive Assistant
Debbie Katz Search Specialist
Jennifer Kaye Client Engagement Specialist
Dara Z. Klarfeld CEO
Olivia Minick Talent Consultant
Adam Norse Talent Consultant
Marc Prine Talent Consultant
Akshita Sankepally Intern
Sarah Raful Whinston Senior Search Consultant
Sarah Skrovan Associate
Peter Thorp Search Consultant
Andrew Watson Search Consultant
Tani Weissman Search Consultant
Cynthia Westbrook Research Associate
Rashidah White – Kitau Chief Operations Officer
Jim Wickenden Principal
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