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DRG has more than 30 years of recruiting nonprofit executives. Our team members have diverse and extensive experience working with nonprofits.

Meet Our Team

David Edell President
Dara Klarfeld CEO
David Hinsley Cheng Partner
Amichaim Abramson Chief Strategy Officer
Mary Wheeler Senior Vice President
Sue Waterbury Vice President
Carmel Napolitano Senior Search Consultant
Steve Goldberg Search Consultant
Sara Garlick Lundberg Director of Search Services, Search Consultant
Sarah Raful Whinston Search Consultant
Jordan Haberfield Search Consultant
Karen Koo-Blair Director of Operations
Jill Sarah Moscowitz Search Specialist
Marlene Mlawski Search Specialist
Tani Weissman Search Associate
Elise Riffel Search Associate
Debra Katz Recruitment Associate
Natascha Guerrero Digital Media Manager
Lezlie Riddles Administrative Assistant

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