Official Statement

Jun. 2, 2020

DRG staff

As a company whose core work is intrinsically linked to many of the structural barriers that black communities continue to face, we are horrified and outraged by the ongoing criminalization of black bodies and blatant disregard for black life.

While these past few weeks have been especially difficult, we recognize that the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery are not isolated incidents. They are the result of a long and deadly tradition of systemic racism and anti-blackness in our nation’s history. Momentary outrage is not enough — we must stand together now — and work together in the foreseeable future to dismantle systemic racism and injustice, in all sectors and systems, specifically those that have historically treated black people unjustly.

We are proud that so many of our clients across all sectors are at the forefront leading the way towards change. As a talent advisory group, we remain committed to our work of ensuring that the organizations we serve benefit from a diversity of perspectives and voices. Over the coming days, we’ll share more about how we’re creating space for these discussions and resources on how you can actively stand up and be an ally and advocate.


#BlackLivesMatter #saytheirnames #istandwithyou #strengthinunity