The Nonprofit Tech Community is Like No Other

Apr. 20, 2018

DRG staff

The Nonprofit Tech Community is Like No Other


It started with learning about the gender-neutral bathrooms, the lactation rooms, the worship room, the pronoun tags on the badges and the huge hug I got from the head of the conference (whom I’ve never met). This was not your normal conference.  But this was only the start. The inclusive nature of the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in New Orleans extended far beyond the structure and into the sessions, speakers and staff.

I’ve been to countless seminars and conventions in the 20+ years I’ve been involved with placing senior technology executives and  typically there is very little opportunity to engage with other attendees to share experiences, ideas and approaches to solving problems. You shuffle from session to session, maybe have a brief ‘hi, how are you’ with the person next to you, shuffle to lunch where conversations are sparse, and then repeat the process, counting the minutes until the day is over.

Every aspect of the NTC was focused on inclusion. People were anxious to engage and share their ideas. The tech leaders and the people on the front-lines of digital development, implementation and other key projects in fundraising, leadership, marketing, etc. were open and easy to talk to. There were even tables set up at meals specifically for introverted people to engage!

While most people were there for the sessions, I was there to network. Engaging in meaningful discussions with today’s top technology leaders in the nonprofit community is an eye-opening experience. It goes beyond knowledge of their space and dives into how it applies to their work and the passion they have for the outcomes.

I’m excited to continue to speak with the people I’ve met this week and learn more about their organizations. Having strong technology leadership that is directly involved with the C-Level and Boards show that many nonprofits are thinking strategically about how they use technology to achieve their goals.

See you next year at #19NTC!