Forbes names DRG SEARCH in “Best Executive Recruiting Firms”

May. 4, 2018

Natascha Guerrero

CEO Dara Klarfeld & President David Edell

DRG SEARCH has been named by Forbes as one of the top executive recruiting firms in the country, ranking in its annual “Best Executive Recruiting Firms” list for the second consecutive year. DRG SEARCH has been named as one of the top executive search firms that works exclusively with nonprofits.

Forbes’ annual publication is based on an exhaustive research survey conducted by Statista INC, a global market research firm, to determine which firms are best equipped to find talent. The analytics firm crafted the list after surveying 30,000 recruiters as well as 4,500 job candidates and HR managers who have had recent experiences with recruiters. Respondents were asked to recommend up to ten recruiting firms (excluding their own). A total of 14,500 recommendations were gathered. Companies with the most recommendations and highest evaluations ranked highest on the list.