Jennifer Kaye

Sep. 9, 2019

Jennifer is a Client Engagement Specialist at DRG. She brings a unique perspective to projects with her collective expertise in marketing, public relations, event planning and branding, fundraising, and promotion. With Jennifer’s help DRG has been able to expand its corporate footprint into the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

Jennifer has over 25 years as a proven asset to non-profit organizations, corporations, government agencies, and professionals seeking to increase their business opportunities, raise awareness of their brands or campaigns, and maximize their impact on their communities.

Jennifer is a natural connector, a clear communicator, an influencer, and a rainmaker for many. Throughout her career she has helped corporations secure new business relationships, reshape their business strategies and improve their bottom line. Likewise, she has assisted non-profit organizations raise a combined millions of dollars, while exceeding goals, and expanding the impact of their social missions.

Jennifer is a resident of Rockville, Maryland, a mom of two amazing kids. She stays active and always on the move. She loves hiking, biking, camping, and has an adventurous curiosity. Jennifer is a former Division I Volleyball player for Florida State University.