DRG Supports the Black Community

Jun. 12, 2020

DRG staff

DRG Supports the Black Community


At DRG Talent Advisory Group, we strive for excellence in all that we do. Excellence requires that each member of our team can work and learn in an atmosphere of dignity, respect and acceptance. As a talent advisory firm, we understand and are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion.

As a firm, we actualize our commitment by:

  • Continuing to hire staff members from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and professional experiences and engaging in diversity training as a team.
  • Continuing to examine and evolve our approach to screening and interviewing to ensure that all candidates are hired based on merit. We are reviewing our internal procedures to strengthen them and ensure that they are free from biases related to candidates’ race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics unrelated to job performance.
  • Integrating DE&I across our services and diligently working to introduce and implement bias training at the start of our client engagements.
  • Broadening our client base through our annual pro-bono search, our social media outreach, speaking engagements, and content articles in addition to hiring local staff to support clients in markets like Chicago and Washington DC.




Make a Commitment to Racial Justice

What does it mean to make a commitment to racial justice? It starts at the top, with the senior leadership prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, engraining those values in the organization’s mission, and ensuring that they are visible.


Understand the Roots of Structural Racism

Racism has commonly been taught from an individualistic standpoint that largely ignores the systemic roots that continue to disenfranchise communities of color. In thinking about educational resources to incorporate in a company-wide DE&I training, it’s imperative to understand how racism operates as a system. The following books and podcasts are a great place to start:





Hold Yourself Accountable

The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are reflective of centuries of systemic oppression against black communities. White people continue to benefit from a system of oppression, which is why it is crucial to recognize that privilege and make a commitment to racial justice every day.

What was your commitment to racial justice before the protests, and what will be your commitment once the protests ultimately die down? Do you avoid discussions about race because they make you uncomfortable? What do you say when your uncle makes yet another racist joke at Thanksgiving dinner? Make a commitment to broadening your circle to reflect inclusivity, have those uncomfortable discussions about race, and call out racism when you see it.


Donate to Organizations with a Commitment to Racial Equity

Match employee donations to the organizations below or others like them:


Support Black-Owned Businesses

13% of the US population is Black but the Black poverty rate is 20.8%. Black-owned businesses face significant challenges and have a harder time obtaining credit. You can be a part of closing the racial wealth gap by diverting some of your spending power and supporting Black-owned businesses. Engaging with Black business on social media increases their visibility. Supporting small businesses benefits local communities.

NY Magazines 125 Black-Owned Businesses to Support

Sign the Fifteen Percent Pledge


Foster an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Discussions around race in the workplace are generally avoided in fear of making people uncomfortable. However, failing to make room for these discussions and promoting a color-blind atmosphere alienates employees who might not feel heard or supported. Create a safe space for diverse staff that acknowledges each individual’s identity and actively encourages discussion around those differences. Affinity groups are a great place to start. Don’t be afraid to hire an expert!


The world benefits from a diversity of perspectives and voices. It is our responsibility to seek understanding and explore ways in which we can all take action to build a more equitable and just society. We invite you to join us as we continue the conversation in support of the Black Community.