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Working together, apart.

Dara Z. Klarfeld

[This article was originally published by Dara Z. Klarfeld  in LinkedIn on 03/17/2020] Week 1: What Our Team Has Learned So Far About Working Remotely Like most companies that have been able to make the switch, our team has started working fully remotely. And while we were technologically prepared to make this change, the bigger concern […]

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“Good Work, Girls”

Sara Garlick Lundberg

My colleague and I had nailed it, but the compliment lingered. That word “girls”– and the ease of its delivery to two grown women — made me feel like our presence in the boardroom was quaint, that we didn’t quite belong. I brushed it off, laughed even, and moved on, as I have after so […]

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Where did all the Talent Go?

Sarah Raful Whinston

[This article was originally published in Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion May 2019 Newsletter on 06/06/2019 – Original link available here]   I loved my time at HUC-JIR’s Zelikow School of Jewish Nonprofit Management (then School of Jewish Communal Service). The teachers were outstanding, smart, full of warmth, and gave each student the […]

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You Should Be Hiring More Women: Here’s Why

Sara Garlick Lundberg

You Should Be Hiring More Women: Here’s Why   When news hit of the New York Stock Exchange appointing its first female leader[i] in its 226-year history, I read related LinkedIn posts with curiosity. I saw a man express, with frustration, “I’m so tired of this being news.” My response, along with those of my […]

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How (not) to Lose an Employee in 10 Days

Sarah Raful Whinston

I recently placed an Executive Director in a fantastic organization. As her first day came closer I remembered my time as a Director of Talent Development, where onboarding and welcoming were my greatest priorities. Hiring is just the first step. According to a study from the Society for Human Resource Management[1] (SHRM) “one-third of approximately […]

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5 Things You Need (and Don’t Need) to Improve Workplace Diversity

DRG staff

In their article, “Why Diversity Programs Fail,” sociology professors Frank Dobbin of Harvard University and Alexandra Kalev of Tel Aviv University, suggest that programs aimed at forcing leaders to change their behaviors may actually “activate” bias, rather than reduce it. They argue that companies get better results of increasing diversity when they abandon the scare […]