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How (not) to Lose an Employee in 10 Days

Sarah Raful Whinston

I recently placed an Executive Director in a fantastic organization. As her first day came closer I remembered my time as a Director of Talent Development, where onboarding and welcoming were my greatest priorities. Hiring is just the first step. According to a study from the Society for Human Resource Management[1] (SHRM) “one-third of approximately […]

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Want to Build a Diverse Leadership Team? Start By Asking These 3 Key Questions

DRG staff

  If you are like most nonprofit leaders, you recognize the value of recruiting and retaining a diverse team for the success of your organization. You may have worked on strategic plans that integrate diversity as a key pillar aimed at achieving laudable goals such as reducing poverty, improving health outcomes, or advancing the arts. […]

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What Are You Doing to Get to Know Your Organization Better?

DRG staff

    Every organization has its own unique set of challenges that may warrant new ways of thinking. Sometimes new hires feel pressured to hit the ground running the moment they enter the organization’s doors- but if they’re too hasty, they run the risk of making uninformed decisions. You will be in a greater position […]

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Beyond Diversity: 7 Practical Steps to Successfully Recruit and Onboard A New Board Member

DRG staff

  When the CEO and board chair of a reproductive health care organization approached me for board membership, I was interested in learning how I could contribute. Like many nonprofits, they were struggling to recruit and reflect the diversity of the communities they served. They invited me out to lunch and later discussed their desire […]