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Why Nonprofit Youth Sports Needs Visionary Leadership Now More Than Ever

Adam Norse

[This article was originally published by Adam Norse in LinkedIn on 07/10/2020]   As a director of a nonprofit youth soccer club in downtown Manhattan (, I’ve personally witnessed the transformational power sports can have in the lives of young athletes. Sports provide us with the ability to speak quickly and directly into the hearts of young people — inspiring and teaching life lessons, and equipping players […]

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DRG Supports the Black Community

DRG staff

DRG Supports the Black Community   At DRG Talent Advisory Group, we strive for excellence in all that we do. Excellence requires that each member of our team can work and learn in an atmosphere of dignity, respect and acceptance. As a talent advisory firm, we understand and are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion. […]

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Gen Z: Ready to crush your quarantine goals? – Our tips for keeping a healthy, productive routine while WFH

Yasmine Coccoli, Eva Dunphy

Gen Z: Ready to crush your quarantine goals? Our tips for keeping a healthy, productive routine while WFH   Self-isolation and quarantine is most likely not what you envisioned when you embarked upon your first official year of adulting. Like many of us new to the professional workspace, WFH is an unfamiliar concept that immediately […]

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The Shows Must Go On – An Interview with One of NYC’s Top Events Strategists

Sara Garlick Lundberg

[This article was originally published by Sara Garlick Lundberg in LinkedIn on 05/28/2020]   J. B. Miller is the President & CEO of Empire, an international events production firm that serves some of the biggest names in New York and beyond – from big nonprofits and leaders in philanthropy to multi-national corporations. Long before others made the […]

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Leading: Creating A Plan for the “New Normal”

David Edell

We have been speaking to nonprofit leaders on how they plan to lead their organizations forward in the post-COVID world.   People are scared and looking to their leaders for comfort and guidance about what is next. For nonprofit organizations, there is much to be learned from how the sector navigated through past health, political and […]

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Working together, apart.

Dara Z. Klarfeld

[This article was originally published by Dara Z. Klarfeld  in LinkedIn on 03/17/2020] Week 1: What Our Team Has Learned So Far About Working Remotely Like most companies that have been able to make the switch, our team has started working fully remotely. And while we were technologically prepared to make this change, the bigger concern […]

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Mission-Driven Organizations Should Interview to Their Core Values

DRG staff

Mission-Driven Organizations Should Interview to Their Core Values It’s certainly no revelation that effective interviewing skills can help any organization identify, hire and retain great leaders. It’s an imperative skill that any executive team should learn and improve upon. Creating an effective interview strategy is not only important for the organization to gain the needed […]

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Organizational Change Management is an Essential Part of Any Nonprofit Governance Strategy

DRG staff

Change is never easy. There is an emotional response that comes when people need to change their processes and you can always expect a certain degree of resistance. Whenever a change is on the horizon, a plan should already be in place to mitigate risk, placate fear and allow for a smooth and successful transition. […]

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional Testimony is a Warning Call to Nonprofits

DRG staff

As data privacy concerns have taken the forefront in tech news lately, no company has been under the microscope more than Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Technology firms, especially those in the social media space, have avoided any sort of government regulation to-date. Sure, there’s been a lot to chuckle about for the past […]

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“Harassment in Nonprofits” – Introducing DRG’s webinar!

Natascha Guerrero

Harassment in nonprofits Best practices to ensure your organization is a safe work environment As the stories about harassment in the corporate workplace fill the headlines, we recognize how impactful these issues are on employees and organizations throughout the nonprofit sector.  DRG Search consultants have been contacted by numerous clients  seeking resources regarding best practices. DRG Search is […]