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Want to Build a Diverse Leadership Team? Start By Asking These 3 Key Questions

DRG staff

  If you are like most nonprofit leaders, you recognize the value of recruiting and retaining a diverse team for the success of your organization. You may have worked on strategic plans that integrate diversity as a key pillar aimed at achieving laudable goals such as reducing poverty, improving health outcomes, or advancing the arts. […]

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Is It Time for Your CEO to Step Down?

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  The increasingly complex nonprofit environment makes run-of-the-mill leadership a risk to any organization that is interested in taking their mission to the next level. Nonprofits that are going through a transition need exceptional, progressive, enthusiastic leaders who can not only guide them through change, but also forecast future challenges and keep staff energized every […]

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Beyond Diversity: 7 Practical Steps to Successfully Recruit and Onboard A New Board Member

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  When the CEO and board chair of a reproductive health care organization approached me for board membership, I was interested in learning how I could contribute. Like many nonprofits, they were struggling to recruit and reflect the diversity of the communities they served. They invited me out to lunch and later discussed their desire […]

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Moving From Dissonance to Harmony: Managing Conflict on the Board

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Power struggles, miscommunication, and differences of opinion are bound to show up on any nonprofit board and can intensify when an organization is undergoing an executive transition. When conflict arises, one’s first instinct might be to avoid it, but conflict can actually present an opportunity for organizational growth if it is addressed wisely. It may […]

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5 Questions to Ask During Times of Change

DRG staff

Change can be exciting. It can also be difficult, especially if your nonprofit is in the midst of a leadership transition, a realignment of its organizational goals, a restructuring of its staff…or all of the above. Organizations say that they want to make a change, but are often not prepared for its implications. Others implement […]

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There Are No Shortcuts to Internal Recruiting

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When a nonprofit board announces that it is looking for its next executive director, president or CEO, it’s not unusual for one or more longtime senior-level professionals within the organization to approach the board for the top spot. But not everyone is fit to take on a leadership role. With help from a recruiter; your […]

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Seeing Beyond the Fog in Nonprofit Startup Environments

DRG staff

When an executive is called upon to address an existing or evolving need in society at a brand-new nonprofit, there are many challenges that he or she faces in promoting the organization’s mission, especially if there are limited resources, systems and staff. This is also a rare opportunity for a visionary leader to mold an […]

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How to Avoid Limitless Job Responsibilities in Nonprofit CEO Searches

Dara Z. Klarfeld

Job descriptions for the CEO/executive director role can be expansive. They can also lead to limitless responsibilities that can send the most high-performing executives looking for the nearest exit before they even enter your nonprofit’s door. While some senior-level positions require leaders to wear many hats, candidates want to know that you have set reasonable […]

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The 4 Mindsets Your Nonprofit Needs to Lead Change In the New Year

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Change is necessary for any nonprofit to sustain itself. As the challenges facing the nonprofit sector become more complex, however, organizations must manage multiple changes at once. “The world we live in is not the world we used to live in when we can make a choice for 10 or 20 years,” says Bill Pasmore, […]

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Developing a Culture of Connection at Your Nonprofit

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How would you describe the organizational culture at your nonprofit? In his new book, Connection Culture: The Competitive Advantage of Shared Identity, Empathy, and Understanding at Work, Michael Lee Stallard says that many organizations aren’t reaching their full potential because their workplaces are driven by cultures of indifference and control. He describes a culture of […]