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Challenges, Leaders, Schools (II)

Andrew Watson

[This article was originally published by Andrew Watson on LinkedIn on 12/11/2020]   What a year in school leadership, particularly for those in new positions.   In the first of these two posts, I stressed the point that most school leaders are facing the same problems and, unfortunately, receiving similar upset and overly angry criticisms. My hope is that boards and leaders understand this and […]

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Why Nonprofit Youth Sports Needs Visionary Leadership Now More Than Ever

Adam Norse

[This article was originally published by Adam Norse in LinkedIn on 07/10/2020]   As a director of a nonprofit youth soccer club in downtown Manhattan (dusc.net), I’ve personally witnessed the transformational power sports can have in the lives of young athletes. Sports provide us with the ability to speak quickly and directly into the hearts of young people — inspiring and teaching life lessons, and equipping players […]

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DRG Supports the Black Community

DRG staff

DRG Supports the Black Community   At DRG Talent Advisory Group, we strive for excellence in all that we do. Excellence requires that each member of our team can work and learn in an atmosphere of dignity, respect and acceptance. As a talent advisory firm, we understand and are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion. […]

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Leading: Creating A Plan for the “New Normal”

David Edell

We have been speaking to nonprofit leaders on how they plan to lead their organizations forward in the post-COVID world.   People are scared and looking to their leaders for comfort and guidance about what is next. For nonprofit organizations, there is much to be learned from how the sector navigated through past health, political and […]

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Working together, apart.

Dara Z. Klarfeld

[This article was originally published by Dara Z. Klarfeld  in LinkedIn on 03/17/2020] Week 1: What Our Team Has Learned So Far About Working Remotely Like most companies that have been able to make the switch, our team has started working fully remotely. And while we were technologically prepared to make this change, the bigger concern […]

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What about the Lay Leader Pipeline? – Another Call to Action

David Edell

[This article was originally published in eJewish Philanthropy, under the “Managing Your Nonprofit” category  on 09/20/2018 – Original link available here]  Ask any Board Chair if they know who will succeed them. (Ask any of those mentioned if they are sure they will accept.) Ask any nominating committee chair about the responses they get as they […]

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Recruiting for Smart? Don’t Forget Heart!

DRG staff

I’ve heard it said that people get hired for their IQ—but they get fired for their EQ. EQ, known less colloquially as emotional intelligence, is defined by Psychology Today as “the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It is generally said to include three skills: emotional awareness; the ability to […]

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Three Mistakes Even High-Powered Women Make During Interviews

Sara Garlick Lundberg

I sit in on hundreds of interviews with executives each year, and I’m struck by how frequently skilled and strong women exhibit these three diminishing habits.  And they do so regardless of age, years of experience and seniority.   Minimizing Accomplishments Job hunting is a vulnerable place to be, and it’s natural for the minimizing […]

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CEO: Redefined

DRG staff

A decade ago, leaders were perhaps easier to define. In the days of contracts or fee-for-service reimbursements, boards relied on a steady hand at the top, a CEO with solid long-term experience in the IDD sector, skilled at overseeing all elements of his or her agency, from contracts to quality assurance to human resources to […]

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Mentoring and “Giving Back”

DRG staff

Over the course of my career I have benefitted from many, many informal mentors.  A common way that I’ve found to be “a giver” in our professional lives is through mentoring. There are several considerations to be made before jumping onto the mentoring bandwagon.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way […]