Interviewing for a Position

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How to Excel in A Phone Interview with A Nonprofit Recruiter

DRG staff

If you want to move to the next level of the hiring process for a position in nonprofit, one of the most important things you can do is leave a positive first impression in a phone interview with a nonprofit recruiter. Associate recruiters are usually the first to begin reaching out to potential candidates during […]

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The Hard Skills That Got You Here Won’t Get You There

David Edell

When boards are considering the skills that they need in their next leader, most of the time, the hard skills are the focus of the first set of interviews. Can the candidate raise money for the organization? Do they have experience working with the board? Can they manage large, complex issues? Do they understand finance? […]

Career Transitions, First Year on the Job, Interviewing for a Position, Job Search

7 Easy Ways to Work on Your Career on an Ongoing Basis

Carmel Napolitano

One of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make is that they fall into the trap of only thinking about their next career move when they need a job. The fact is, it doesn’t matter if you’re working for a nonprofit organization that you love or are looking to find a new position in the […]

Interviewing for a Position, Job Search

7 Reasons For Saying Yes to the Job

David Cheng

An opportunity to advance your career can arise when you least expect it. If you’re looking to make a switch, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. But what if you’re employed at another organization and you’re not actively looking for a new job? The decision to consider the offer can be daunting: Will the new […]