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Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional Testimony is a Warning Call to Nonprofits

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As data privacy concerns have taken the forefront in tech news lately, no company has been under the microscope more than Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Technology firms, especially those in the social media space, have avoided any sort of government regulation to-date. Sure, there’s been a lot to chuckle about for the past […]

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What You Do After You Get A Donation Is More Important Than You Think

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Philanthropists gravitate to organizations that value transparency. The process of securing a major gift doesn’t just stop once a donation is given. Today’s philanthropists want more information about how their contributions are helping you to meet the needs of your community. That may include financial reports or inviting donors to site visits so that they […]

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The Nonprofit CFO As An Internal Spokesperson

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You’re looking for grants. Why should you read on? A strong relationship with your CFO is important because: Foundations will want to know if you have the infrastructure to be able to report accurately on the grants. They will want detailed information about what the money is being used for, which requires coordination with program […]

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Are You a Digitally Savvy Fundraiser?

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Technology is transforming how development professionals engage with donors across mobile and online platforms. While offline fundraising still accounts for a significant amount of charitable giving, honing your digital skills and acquiring knowledge of new tools, applications, and platforms will enable you to engage donors wherever they choose to live — and help you stand out […]

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7 Unreasonable Expectations That Can Cause You to Lose Top Development Talent

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  Every organization wants to find a high-performing development professional that possesses the skills and motivation that are necessary to raise millions of dollars to support its cause. It’s difficult to attract that candidate if you have an unrealistic expectation about what a development professional can do for your organization. In CompassPoint’s 2013 study, UnderDeveloped: […]