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“Harassment in Nonprofits” – Introducing DRG’s webinar!

Natascha Guerrero

Harassment in nonprofits Best practices to ensure your organization is a safe work environment As the stories about harassment in the corporate workplace fill the headlines, we recognize how impactful these issues are on employees and organizations throughout the nonprofit sector.  DRG Search consultants have been contacted by numerous clients  seeking resources regarding best practices. DRG Search is […]

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Three Mistakes Even High-Powered Women Make During Interviews

Sara Garlick Lundberg

I sit in on hundreds of interviews with executives each year, and I’m struck by how frequently skilled and strong women exhibit these three diminishing habits.  And they do so regardless of age, years of experience and seniority.   Minimizing Accomplishments Job hunting is a vulnerable place to be, and it’s natural for the minimizing […]

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Your Nonprofit Board Needs More Technology Expertise

Jordan Haberfield

If you are running a nonprofit organization, either as an executive or as a board member, give some thought as to how many people, at the board level, have technology experience and understand how it plays a role in the growth of your organization and the advancement of your cause.  According to a report by […]

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CEO: Redefined

David Hinsley Cheng

A decade ago, leaders were perhaps easier to define. In the days of contracts or fee-for-service reimbursements, boards relied on a steady hand at the top, a CEO with solid long-term experience in the IDD sector, skilled at overseeing all elements of his or her agency, from contracts to quality assurance to human resources to […]

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Welcoming Jordan Haberfield!

Natascha Guerrero

Welcome Aboard Jordan Haberfield! Jordan Haberfield joins DRG Search as a Search Consultant specializing in CTO, COO and CIO searches. His practice will focus on the nonprofit Technology and Arts & Culture spaces. He has a 20+ year career in executive search, having run his own firm for 13 years and having spent time leading recruiting […]

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Mentoring and “Giving Back”

Carmel Napolitano

Over the course of my career I have benefitted from many, many informal mentors.  A common way that I’ve found to be “a giver” in our professional lives is through mentoring. There are several considerations to be made before jumping onto the mentoring bandwagon.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way […]

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Dara Klarfeld named as CEO of DRG Search

Natascha Guerrero

Dara Klarfeld named as CEO of DRG Search David Edell, Founder and President of DRG Search announces Dara Klarfeld’s promotion as the new CEO of the firm – effective January 2018   New York, NY. – David Edell, Founder and President of DRG Search is pleased to announce that Dara Klarfeld has been promoted to […]

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Your Next Leader Might Be Closer Than You Think

David Cheng

A lauded human service organization finds itself at a crossroads. Its longtime CEO, who has ably led the organization for nearly two decades, is ready for retirement. When the board retains an executive search firm to help them identify their next leader, the search committee proves receptive to advancing someone from within the organization. But […]

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[When Recruiting] Begin with “What” NOT “Who”

David Edell

At the beginning of almost every search, we at DRG Search often hear, an executive or search committee leader say, “we need someone who…” The client usually continues with a list of the things that the outgoing executive did not do well (or did not do) and suggests that excellence in those areas will be […]

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How Lawyers Can Make or Break the Business of Doing Good

Sara Garlick-Lundberg

Not long ago, while running the New York office of a children’s charity, I asked a lawyer to review a marketing agreement. We asked for a quick review, gently reminding the lawyer, who had come recommended by a trusted source, that we were a nonprofit and that we needed to be mindful of our expenses. […]