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Welcoming Amichaim Abramson!

Natascha Guerrero

Welcome aboard Ami Abramson! Our CEO, Dara Klarfeld has just announced the appointment of Amichaim Abramson as Chief Strategy Officer, beginning today September 5th 2018. Ami will collaborate with the DRG team to continue providing outstanding executive search services to our clients throughout the nonprofit sector. He will also work closely with Dara Klarfeld, our CEO, and David […]

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For Job Hunters: 3 Simple Ways to Stay Relevant During the Summer Doldrums

Sara Garlick Lundberg

Job hunting can be anxiety inducing, especially during the hot and oft-slow summer months, but these last weeks are a great time to boost and recharge your hunt. Read on for three quick tips to help make the most of your days leading up to Labor Day: Reflect Take this sometimes-slow period to reflect on […]

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Recruiting for Smart? Don’t Forget Heart!

David Hinsley Cheng

I’ve heard it said that people get hired for their IQ—but they get fired for their EQ. EQ, known less colloquially as emotional intelligence, is defined by Psychology Today as “the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It is generally said to include three skills: emotional awareness; the ability to […]

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When a Question Becomes a Statement

Sarah Raful Whinston

When a Question Becomes a Statement Standing out as a candidate “Prepare 10 questions. You and I both know that you won’t probably get a chance to ask all 10 questions but prepare 10 questions. Remember, your questions usually say more about you than your answers.” When I prepare candidates for interviews for jobs, this […]

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Hiring the Perfect Executive Director [Podcast]

Natascha Guerrero

Hiring the Perfect Executive Director     Dara Klarfeld, DRG Search’s CEO, was recently a guest at NonProfits are Messy, the podcast by nonprofit consultant genius Joan Garry. This 62nd episode is aptly titled “Hiring the Perfect Executive Director”. In it, Dara and Joan discuss the retiring baby-boomer generation – a trending topic in the […]

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In Times of High Demand for Tech Talent, Do Nonprofits Suffer?

Jordan Haberfield

In Times of High Demand for Tech Talent, Do Nonprofits Suffer? Today’s news is flush with reports that technology companies are on a hiring spree. New York City’s economy is growing at an explosive rate that is pushing 80% of companies to add additional technology and engineering resources to their staff this year, with 53% […]

Hiring & Recruitment, Interview Prep, Interviewing for a Position

Mission-Driven Organizations Should Interview to Their Core Values

Jordan Haberfield

Mission-Driven Organizations Should Interview to Their Core Values It’s certainly no revelation that effective interviewing skills can help any organization identify, hire and retain great leaders. It’s an imperative skill that any executive team should learn and improve upon. Creating an effective interview strategy is not only important for the organization to gain the needed […]

Nonprofit Management

Organizational Change Management is an Essential Part of Any Nonprofit Governance Strategy

Jordan Haberfield

Change is never easy. There is an emotional response that comes when people need to change their processes and you can always expect a certain degree of resistance. Whenever a change is on the horizon, a plan should already be in place to mitigate risk, placate fear and allow for a smooth and successful transition. […]

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Forbes names DRG SEARCH in “Best Executive Recruiting Firms”

DRG SEARCH has been named by Forbes as one of the top executive recruiting firms in the country, ranking in its annual “Best Executive Recruiting Firms” list for the second consecutive year. DRG SEARCH has been named as one of the top executive search firms that works exclusively with nonprofits. Forbes’ annual publication is based […]

First Year on the Job, Onboarding

How (not) to Lose an Employee in 10 Days

Sarah Raful Whinston

I recently placed an Executive Director in a fantastic organization. As her first day came closer I remembered my time as a Director of Talent Development, where onboarding and welcoming were my greatest priorities. Hiring is just the first step. According to a study from the Society for Human Resource Management[1] (SHRM) “one-third of approximately […]