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Dara Klarfeld named as CEO of DRG Search

Natascha Guerrero

Dara Klarfeld named as CEO of DRG Search David Edell, Founder and President of DRG Search announces Dara Klarfeld’s promotion as the new CEO of the firm – effective January 2018   New York, NY. – David Edell, Founder and President of DRG Search is pleased to announce that Dara Klarfeld has been promoted to […]

Hiring & Recruitment, Leadership, Selecting A CEO

Your Next Leader Might Be Closer Than You Think

David Cheng

A lauded human service organization finds itself at a crossroads. Its longtime CEO, who has ably led the organization for nearly two decades, is ready for retirement. When the board retains an executive search firm to help them identify their next leader, the search committee proves receptive to advancing someone from within the organization. But […]

Building a Search Commitee, Nonprofit Boards

[When Recruiting] Begin with “What” NOT “Who”

David Edell

At the beginning of almost every search, we at DRG Search often hear, an executive or search committee leader say, “we need someone who…” The client usually continues with a list of the things that the outgoing executive did not do well (or did not do) and suggests that excellence in those areas will be […]

Hiring & Recruitment

How Lawyers Can Make or Break the Business of Doing Good

Sara Garlick-Lundberg

Not long ago, while running the New York office of a children’s charity, I asked a lawyer to review a marketing agreement. We asked for a quick review, gently reminding the lawyer, who had come recommended by a trusted source, that we were a nonprofit and that we needed to be mindful of our expenses. […]

Interview Prep

5 Things I Tell Every Candidate Before an Interview

Sara Garlick-Lundberg

Do your homework. This sounds like a no-brainer but it bears repeating. Show that you’ve invested time into understanding the opportunity in front of you by researching your prospective employer’s senior staff, finances, board, programs or business lines. If the organization or its key staff has been in the news or online discussions recently, know […]

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80 years of access to education: How Queens College provides opportunities for students to change the world

Carmel Napolitano

In 2017, the barriers between low-income students and higher education grow greater each day–making the institutions that continue to fight to provide access to affordable higher education are more important than ever. For 80 years Queens College as part of the City University of New York system has offered higher education to people of all […]


Inside the Executive Office: Trends that Challenge Nonprofit Leaders in 2017

David Edell

I recently prepared for a seminar with the Strell Executive Leadership Fellows at the Hunter School of Social Work. The subject was “What are the Trends Affecting Non Profit Leaders in 2017.” Much has been written about the subject. As I re-read many of these articles, and interviewed nonprofit CEOs in a variety of service […]

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Are Emotional Attachments Obstructing Your Nonprofit’s Growth?

Steven Goldberg

The emotional attachments that some nonprofit stakeholders possess are remarkably powerful. It takes enthusiasm, pride, dedication, and passion to coagulate a community of supporters who are loyal to an organization and its mission. These emotional attachments might include ideas, mindsets, feelings, programs, relationships, people, and places that are associated with a nonprofit. They may be […]

Leadership, Nonprofit Management

DRG Alumni Spotlight: Purna Rodman Conare

DRG staff

For Purna Rodman Conare, President and CEO of Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey (CPNJ), creativity and intelligence are among the key ingredients for effective leadership, but when coupled with humor, these qualities can help leaders navigate challenges, and make the world a better place for the most vulnerable populations. “It’s like going to the DMV […]

Career Transitions, Interviewing for a Position, Job Search

How to Excel in A Phone Interview with A Nonprofit Recruiter

DRG staff

If you want to move to the next level of the hiring process for a position in nonprofit, one of the most important things you can do is leave a positive first impression in a phone interview with a nonprofit recruiter. Associate recruiters are usually the first to begin reaching out to potential candidates during […]