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Recruit—and Keep—Top Tier Talent: Ensure the right visionary change agents are at the helm

Debbie Katz

[This article was originally published by The Center for Nonprofit Advancement for their annual 2020 publication ‘Nonprofit Agenda’ ] Times of uncertainty can be windows of opportunity, and COVID has certainly created some new and unforeseen challenges. For some nonprofits, this has meant a different skillset is now needed at the top. Many boards are […]

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Profile of an Executive Recruiter: Mary Wheeler’s Career in Search

Debbie Katz

In 1980, when Mary Wheeler left fundraising to try her hand at Executive Search, Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President, John Lennon was shot, and disco made way for Devo.  The world’s first “Personal Computing” unit had been sold only five years earlier, in the form of a DIY kit.  Working women with well-paying […]