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Leading: Creating A Plan for the “New Normal”

David Edell

We have been speaking to nonprofit leaders on how they plan to lead their organizations forward in the post-COVID world.   People are scared and looking to their leaders for comfort and guidance about what is next. For nonprofit organizations, there is much to be learned from how the sector navigated through past health, political and […]

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What about the Lay Leader Pipeline? – Another Call to Action

David Edell

[This article was originally published in eJewish Philanthropy, under the “Managing Your Nonprofit” category  on 09/20/2018 – Original link available here]  Ask any Board Chair if they know who will succeed them. (Ask any of those mentioned if they are sure they will accept.) Ask any nominating committee chair about the responses they get as they […]

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[When Recruiting] Begin with “What” NOT “Who”

David Edell

At the beginning of almost every search, we at DRG Search often hear, an executive or search committee leader say, “we need someone who…” The client usually continues with a list of the things that the outgoing executive did not do well (or did not do) and suggests that excellence in those areas will be […]


Inside the Executive Office: Trends that Challenge Nonprofit Leaders in 2017

David Edell

I recently prepared for a seminar with the Strell Executive Leadership Fellows at the Hunter School of Social Work. The subject was “What are the Trends Affecting Non Profit Leaders in 2017.” Much has been written about the subject. As I re-read many of these articles, and interviewed nonprofit CEOs in a variety of service […]

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Leadership Transitions: The Importance of Clarifying Goals and Supporting Change

David Edell

DRG president David Edell with activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta at the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership on Nov. 20, 2016 in Chicago, IL. Photo courtesy of Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership. Photo by Dan Rest. Toward the end of last year, I was a speaker at two events. The first […]

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The Hard Skills That Got You Here Won’t Get You There

David Edell

When boards are considering the skills that they need in their next leader, most of the time, the hard skills are the focus of the first set of interviews. Can the candidate raise money for the organization? Do they have experience working with the board? Can they manage large, complex issues? Do they understand finance? […]

Hiring & Recruitment

Considering Fit for Executive Hires

David Edell

Finding the right fit when recruiting an executive to lead an organization can be a defining moment in its history. Studies show that professional leadership is a key factor in determining whether an organization will advance towards its goals and mission or fall further behind. In her op-ed article for the New York Times, Lauren […]

Career Transitions, Job Search

Transitioning From Business to the Nonprofit Sector

David Edell

Considering the emerging challenges that the nonprofit sector faces in delivering services and maintaining financial stability, boards and leaders recognize that they must diversify their talent pool. Search committees and executives often seek candidates for C-level positions with the hope that their organizations will benefit from new skills and management perspectives. Sometimes hiring managers don’t […]


The Secrets for a Successful First Year as a Nonprofit CEO

David Edell

During your first-year as a CEO of a nonprofit, you might find that the classroom conversations and executive education that you participated in doesn’t necessarily prepare you for the real-world challenges that you face in the position. When I sat on a panel, along with Martha Sullivan, CEO of Gouverneur Health, a few months ago […]

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7 Ways to Take Charge of Succession Planning

David Edell

As CEOs around the nation step down from leadership positions at nonprofits, their boards are faced with the challenging task of finding their successors, but few are prepared. According to a recent report by Third Sector New England, a Boston-based resource center for nonprofits, 64% of executives planned to leave their jobs within the next […]