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Working together, apart.

Dara Z. Klarfeld

[This article was originally published by Dara Z. Klarfeld  in LinkedIn on 03/17/2020] Week 1: What Our Team Has Learned So Far About Working Remotely Like most companies that have been able to make the switch, our team has started working fully remotely. And while we were technologically prepared to make this change, the bigger concern […]

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How to Avoid Limitless Job Responsibilities in Nonprofit CEO Searches

Dara Z. Klarfeld

Job descriptions for the CEO/executive director role can be expansive. They can also lead to limitless responsibilities that can send the most high-performing executives looking for the nearest exit before they even enter your nonprofit’s door. While some senior-level positions require leaders to wear many hats, candidates want to know that you have set reasonable […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Making a Career Transition to Nonprofit

Dara Z. Klarfeld

    Making a transition from the private to nonprofit sector can be challenging, even for the most accomplished executives. How do you show that you are the right fit for a role when you don’t possess a wealth of experience in the nonprofit sector? Here are some of the dos and don’ts for making […]