A Message from Our CEO

As CEO of DRG, I am fortunate to be surrounded by colleagues and clients whose work is guided by values. Our shared commitment to those values, including diversity, social justice, global sustainability, and empowering women, inspires us to help nonprofits maximize their impact.

But that inspiration and commitment is really just the beginning of the story. Over the course of 2020, we will introduce the diverse voices of DRG to help tell the rest of it, drawn from over 30 years of inspiring change. You’ll hear stories of professional and personal transformation, as well as ideas to help carry you and your organization forward to face new challenges head-on.

As we tell those stories, we hope you’ll join in the conversation, here on this site and on our social feeds. Our aim in all of this is to encourage dialogue and learn more from each other about what matters most to the people and organizations we serve.

About Us

Who We Are

DRG is a Talent Advisory Group. We serve nonprofit organizations that care for, inspire, and enrich the lives of people all over the world. Our team of talent advisors shares a commitment to the values that matter to our clients, bringing more than 30 years of experience to serving the nonprofit community.

How We Work With You

We start by deeply understanding the mission, culture, leadership and goals of the organizations we serve.  We then bring together the right services and expertise to help identify new opportunities and address challenges.

We do this all with a single purpose: helping nonprofits create measurable change.

How we help

As a Talent Advisory Group, we offer a suite of services to help nonprofits search for, attract, and nurture innovative, diverse leadership for their organizations. We also help organizations maximize their impact through talent assessments, transition planning, and by providing insights into compensation and organizational design.

Our mission is to support nonprofits in bringing together the right leadership, talent, culture, and structure—so people and organizations can thrive.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team