7 Easy Ways to Work on Your Career on an Ongoing Basis

Sep. 27, 2016

Carmel Napolitano


One of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make is that they fall into the trap of only thinking about their next career move when they need a job. The fact is, it doesn’t matter if you’re working for a nonprofit organization that you love or are looking to find a new position in the sector. You should always be proactive in your career if you want to reach your greatest potential as a professional.

Your success is amplified when you develop your skills, gain relevant experiences in your field, and make intentional moves that bring you closer to your ultimate career aspiration. In order to move up the career ladder, the first step is to change your mindset.

Instead of thinking of your career as a closed book once you’ve landed a position, treat your career as an ongoing project. This will motivate you to actively seek out tasks and opportunities that take you from one end of the career spectrum to the next. Consider these tips for career advancement.

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